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Wakeboarding can be a very fun and exciting activity if you keep yourself safe. Children and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of wakeboarding whether they are doing it to stay fit or simply to have fun in the water. Here are some beginner wakeboarding tips for both young and old water enthusiasts.

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Find out how to do a deepwater wakeboard start, which foot forward, frontside and backside tips and tricks, gear care, and more. Learn tricks such as the bunny hop, heelside and toeside moves, method grab, ollie, surfing, slides, and more.



Combine the wide variety of grabs that exist with the number of inverts, and you have a limitless selection of combinations that allow riders to show their unique style. A grab is performed when a rider grabs the board in various locations with their hand. The secret to grabs is to bring the board to your body as opposed to reaching for the board.